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Mariposa Nov 02, 2022

11 Features That Separate Tenant Inc. From Its Competitors

A list of 11 features that separates Tenant Inc.'s software from other self storage software providers.

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If you're in the market for software to help you manage your self storage business, you may have noticed that there are a lot of options to choose from. 

Many of the options out there have core capabilities that are fairly similar, because, at the end of the day, they all need to cover the basics of running a self storage business. 

Some offer the e-commerce website you’ll need to handle your front end (attracting leads and bringing in rentals). Others offer the property management system (PMS) you’ll need to run the backend of your business (moving people in, controlling your gates, running your reports, etc). 

But, very few offer a platform that handles both sides of your business. 

Even less do all this while continuously developing new features and refining existing ones. 

Fortunately for you, our platform does all this, and more. 

Why You Want to Hitch Your Wagon to Tenant Inc. 

Tenant Inc. was founded on the premise that small (often times independent) self storage operators should have the same capabilities as the largest, publicly traded, companies. 

Our founders came from the world of self storage, and are all too familiar with how tight the legacy software providers squeeze self storage operators because they’ve felt that squeeze themselves.  

They believed that self storage operators deserved relief and came up with Tenant Inc. as the way to deliver that relief. 

So now our mission is clear. We’re going to become the ultimate business-in-a-box for storage operations to eliminate issues that have plagued customers in the past so they can look toward their future. 

We’ll do this by building a sophisticated, but intuitive, cloud-based software that runs smoothly on any device operators have at home, at their office, or in their pocket. With us, your business will become completely automated and self-sufficient and we promise you that you’ll always own your data, so you always maintain complete control of your business. 

11 Features You’ll Enjoy On Our Platform

Open Platform

Why Your Business Wants This: Working with our open platform means that you own your data so you can run your business how you choose. You’ll always be free to access all the data your business generates, and we’ll never limit you to working with vendors that we think you should work with. We’re currently integrated with many of the most well-known software providers in the self storage industry, check out a full list here. 

Cloud Based

Why Your Business Wants This: Cloud-based technology empowers you to access and manage your account from anywhere. All of our software runs on the cloud, so you can manage your business whether you’re in the office or out in your yard. It runs smoothly, regardless of the device you’re using; it doesn’t need you to have a computer on at all times at your property, and it updates on its own while you’re asleep so you never have to worry if it’s up-to-date.


Why Your Business Wants This: Automation gives you back your time. Spend less time on manual tasks and just sit back while Hummingbird keeps your business going on its own. Automate your communication with tenants, your reports, your delinquency process, and more

Delinquency Automation

Why Your Business Wants This: If you’re tired of keeping track of your delinquent tenants this will be your favorite feature. Forget having to look over your records and manually calculating the timeline and steps needed to start a tenant on the delinquency process. Hummingbird’s delinquency automation is built with knowledge from the premier attorneys in self storage so that you can feel confident that it’s following the delinquency steps needed in the state you’re operating in. From the first notice to auction, our delinquency process will streamline your delinquency process.  

P.S. You still need to mail the paperwork, but Hummingbird makes it clear exactly when to take each step, and provides detailed letters that are compliant with state laws, whatever state you’re in. 

Customizable Reports

Why Your Business Wants This: Build reports and views so you can easily access the most crucial information your business needs. We’ve also built a large collection of customizable reports with the information that successful self storage businesses want and need. Get information about all your occupants at a glance; view detailed insurance or earnings reports, and much more. 

Real-Time Signatures

Why Your Business Wants This: Stop wondering if your online renters have signed their contracts, or even bothered to look at them. Hummingbird features real-time signatures that show you exactly when they’re looking at a document and when it’s signed.  

Tenant ProDocs

Why Your Business Wants This: Our software has the exclusive rights to use the vast knowledge of the Self Storage Legal Network. What this means to you is that you can feel assured that the documents we create for you have been vetted by attorneys with more than 50 years of experience in the self storage industry. You don’t need to research storage law to get your lease agreements, delinquency notices, and so on. We’ve done that work for you.

Payment Processing

Why Your Business Wants This: We offer our own payment processing system, Tenant Payments that offers competitive rates and same-day approval. We also integrate with credit card processing systems that you might already be using. 

Property Maps

Why Your Business Wants This: Map out your property to make it easy for your managers to show tenants the value of different spaces. Our property maps builder makes it simple for you to build out a map of your property, whether it’s a single-story property, multi-story property, or vehicle storage property. 


Why Your Business Wants This: Whether you’re using a cash book, accrual book, or double book, we have you covered. We also support QuickBooks, Yardi, and Sage Intacct and have an API that allows you to automate your export the way you want. 

Digital Signage

Why Your Business Wants This: Add more interactive, and customizable signage to your business. This large screen setup replaces traditional signs inside your stores. It shows important information for your tenants, such as the advantages of renting with you; the spaces you have available, and more. Overall, this signage modernizes the look of your office and provides invaluable information to your customers at a glance.

Our Ecosystem of Self Storage Software Products

  • Hummingbird - Our property management system is built to move your tenants in and out; automate your business; integrate with the companies you want to work with; communicate with your tenants, and more. 
  • Mariposa - E-commerce websites that help your business get found, convert more tenants, and provide a completely online rental experience 
  • Nectar - The brain that connects all our technology together, and creates connections with other software providers 
  • Digital Signage - Large displays to market your services in your stores
  • Digital Marketing - SEO & PPC services to keep you ahead of your competition
  • Tenant Interface - An in-store tool to guide your customers through the rental process
  • StorageFront - A directory to help tenants find your business

If you want to keep up with the new features we release and the existing features we refine, then check out our YouTube page. You’ll find our video release notes, updates, and other storage-related content. 

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