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Our platform is affordable yet innovative. Intuitive yet dynamic. Streamlined yet robust. The Tenant platform integrates, automates, and standardizes your business, providing a consistent experience for your customers from first-click to move-out.

Thoughtfully designed and built from the ground up, our platform was created with integrations and flexibility in mind.

Product Features

Cloud based
Cloud-Based platform

Access your PMS instantly. No more lengthy load times.

Say goodbye to downloads and updates. Hummingbird is a cloud-based platform you can access through a web browser, and it’s always up-to-date.

Data Feeder

Build your tech stack, one integration at a time.

When we say we’re built on an open API, we mean we don’t restrict integrations with any other vendors, companies, or products. Anyone can access the building blocks of our products to build new integrations with them.

We’ve already built integrations with PandaDoc and ClaimsPro, and we plan to build even more with other companies. Our vision is that as we grow, more companies will also build integrations with us.

Business intelligence tool

Customize your reports and see what's important to you.

We’ve built out an extensive list of commonly used reports for your convenience. This constantly growing list includes two types of reports, static and dynamic. Static reports are snapshots of data points in time, usually on a single page you can print or download.

Dynamic reports feed you information one way, but allow you to fully customize how that information is presented to create a report that is perfectly tailored to your needs. And, once you’ve customized it exactly how you want it, save it and it’ll be stored in your reports library, exactly how you set it up.

Customer service

Phone. Email. Live Chat. Zoom Call. We’re here to help, in all the ways.

Expect white-glove service. We respect you as a customer and will meet you where you need us to address your concerns, whether it’s an email, phone call, live chat or video zoom call. We’ll also keep you constantly updated on your support requests.

Additional Features

Tenant Profile

Tenant profiles are your one-stop shop for tenant information and actions. Access a tenant’s profile to view all their information and quickly perform actions such as applying a payment, transferring them to a new space, accessing their transaction history to void a payment, and much more.

Touchless Rentals™

Skip the pen and paper, and the entire office while you’re at it. You and your tenants can sign their lease or any other document involved in the rental process digitally. It’s as simple as sending them a link to sign their documents via an email or text. Move your tenants in without them ever stepping foot in your office.

Gate System Integration

We integrate with gating systems to give you more control of how your tenants access your properties. Thanks to our gate system integration, you can give your tenants access to their gates remotely, at any time. Set up automation and you can automatically deny tenants entry to your gates when they become delinquent.

Delinquency Automation

Your delinquency processes, automated. We’ve tapped our industry resources to build automated delinquency processes tailored for every state in the U.S. If you have processes already established, no problem. You can set up and automate those processes on Hummingbird as well.

Client Testimonials

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"There is no doubt that Tenant delivers in the areas of both technology and online services. Their web platform delivers a best in class product that allows seamless online use for current customers.  The combination of great technology and great people made the choice easy for our company in deciding on Tenant as our partner."

- W. Craig Allen

American Classic Storage
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"Initially we implemented automation and technology for the convenience of our customers and Tenant was the obvious choice as they had the leading-edge technology to support our initiative. At first, we didn't have a large number of online move-ins; however, it continued to grow as our customers used it with COVID -19 and its use has expanded significantly. We are the only facility in our market that customers can fully execute a move-in automatically!"

- Todd Plastino

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"Our partnership with Tenant's marketing team has led to a surge in our advertising ROI and has differentiated our brand in a way that restores pricing power in an oversaturated storage market. More importantly, the Tenant team delivers consistently best-in-class customer service and demonstrates a remarkable work ethic."

- Jack Aspinwall

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