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open integration

Nectar Makes Your Job Easier

open integration

The integrations we’ve built within Nectar make your job easier. It’s what allows you to enable third-party products at your properties and allows us to connect with your property management systems.

It’s also built on an open API, so you have full control and visibility of your data. Thanks to the open nature of our system, you won’t have to worry about your data being held hostage. It’s your data, you own it.

You, or other developers, can use our API to create new functions and power new products. Because we’ve already built the framework, it’ll lower the cost of testing and implementing that new product or system.

always connected

Nectar Functionality


Mariposa, our B2C e-commerce website platform, allows you to verify your identity online with just your phone and ID. APIs built within Nectar allows this feature to function. Thanks to the interconnectivity of Nectar, we’re able to identify tenant identities through Mariposa, then transmit that data to your PMS to facilitate a rental.


Nectar allows us to connect our PMS, Hummingbird, to your gate systems. Nectar allows you to send text messages to customers through Hummingbird.

Nectar isn’t just for connecting to your website and improving rentals. It allows you to connect Hummingbird to your gate systems and send text messages to customers, all of which provides a singular point for managers to control access which provides a seamless experience for both customers and managers.


Property Management Software:

  • Hummingbird
  • Self Storage Manager
  • storEDGE
  • Storage Commander

Access Control:

  • Nokē by Janus
  • PTI Security Systems
  • Brivo

Payment Processing

  • Authorize.NET
  • TSYS
  • Trinity

Additional Integrations

  1. · eDocument Signing: PandaDoc
  1. · Call Center: XPS
  1. · Protection Plans: ClaimsPro
  1. · Reputation Management: Birdeye
  1. · Online Directory: Storagefront
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