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Refer & Get $300

Get a $300 credit for every facility you refer. 


Refer a Storage Operator to Earn $300

Get a discount on your monthly service charges for every operator that you refer and signs a contract. 

*Offer valid only for new customers. You cannot refer yourself or someone actively in a discussion with our sales team. If the Tenant sales team determines that the referred operator is a good fit, they'll be scheduled for a demo. If they ultimately sign an agreement with Tenant Inc. and onboard, the referrer will then become eligible for the $300 worth of credits. We reserve the right to disqualify a referral if they don't meet any of our conditions and/or do not have a valid need for our software now or in the future.

What are our current customers saying? 

“We’ve noticed reduced friction on our website during the rental process and a much faster conversion time converting leads to rentals on our website.” 

TI - Margo T Square
Margo Tannewitz

Digital Marketing Manager of A-1 Self Storage

"We are a remote-managed product, so all my facilities use technology to replace a lot of what managers would do onsite and Hummingbird allows for that as it is built today." 

TI - Jonah H Square
Jonah Hall 

Co-Founder of Smartlock Storage

"If we didn’t have Hummingbird, Mariposa, and this access control system, we would be missing out on 10% of the rentals that we’ve been seeing during this lease-up."

TI - Ryan L Square
Ryan Lorenzini

Director of the Claremont Companies

TI - Ebook - Cover of 11 Features

Learn What Makes Our Software Different

Not all self storage software is created equal. We're one of the only self storage software platforms built by self storage operators, for self storage operators. Read more about what sets us apart from our competitors.