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Tenant SMS Terms

Last updated: January 12, 2021

Tenant, Inc. (“Tenant”) provides technology that improves the self storage tenant’s experience. Thus the name Tenant! The option to receive information by text is one of the ways Tenant improves the self storage experience. Some texts are one-on-one texts between you and a storage facility employee. Most texts are automated. As with all Tenant products and services, the goal is always to best serve the customer. We want to interact with you in the way most convenient and enjoyable for you. In the era of Covid, texting also ensures socially distanced self storage. If you want us to text you, we’ll text you. If you don’t want us to text you, we won’t!

For full transparency we’ve outlined the various text messages you may receive. Remember, we’re aptly named Tenant because we believe you come first. So, if you ever change your mind about receiving text messages, just let us know. Our texts are meant to help, not hound.

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