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Case Study   January 2024

How Cedar Creek Capital Uses the Tenant Inc. Ecosystem and Storelocal Brand to Grow Online Rentals by 25%

Cedar Creek Capital has used the Tenant Inc. ecosystem (Storelocal Brand, Hummingbird, Mariposa, Digital Marketing) to grow traffic to its site, improve operational efficiency, and convert more leads to customers. 

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Services Used

Digital Marketing
Tenant Payments

Top Features

Online Rentals
Local SEO
Automated Rent Management
Customizable Reports

Result 1

Online Rental Growth

Result 2

Organic Traffic Growth

The Results

Over the course of 90 days, Cedar Creek Capital has seen a 25% increase in their online rentals and they credit that growth to the Tenant Inc. ecosystem firing on all cylinders. 

Their website now ranks higher in search results and they’re converting more leads to customers thanks to the website we built them. 

Our easy-to-use property management software is simplifying their managers' jobs by automating important tasks, and they’re paying fewer processing fees thanks to the low rates of our integrated payment processor. 

Traffic for the company's site has also grown by 49% thanks to both organic search and leads driven by successful pay-per-click campaigns. 

And it's not just the digital space that has seen growth: Cedar Creek Capital has also seen more calls to their stores and more walk-in traffic. 

"If we knew what we know now, back when we were looking for our next self storage software provider, we would have signed on much sooner," said Jesse Harmon, VP of Marketing Revenue and Commercial Strategy for Cedar Creek Capital. "The onboarding process, the training, and the overall support you get moving from another property management software and all the other core services allow us to worry about what we know best, knowing that our software is going to work perfectly together."

About Cedar Creek Capital

Cedar Creek Capital's portfolio currently contains 26 facilities spread across eight markets, and the group has converted 25 of those locations to the Storelocal Brand. 

All told the group has 2.75 million square feet of rentable land and 9,000 units in its portfolio. 

We started working with Cedar Creek Capital over a year ago. In that time, Cedar Creek has repeatedly adopted Tenant’s products as we’ve introduced them to the self-storage tech market. Now that the entire Tenant platform supports small to enterprise-level customers, Cedar Creek has integrated our entire vertical platform. 

Doing so has allowed Cedar Creek to manage all aspects of their business from one place. Our websites have converted more customers, especially customers browsing on mobile devices; our property management software has made it easier for their managers to move in customers and handle daily reports; and our digital marketing services have driven more customers than ever to their website. 

“What we were looking for in a system was a total ecosystem where everything was automated and working together, and we found that with Tenant,” said Harmon. 

The services Cedar Creek Capital currently uses with us include:  

  • Mariposa - Storage Rental Websites
  • Hummingbird - Property Management Software
  • Tenant Digital Marketing 
    • PPC Accelerator Plan
    • SEO Essentials Plan
  • Tenant Payments - Integrated Payment Processor 

How We Helped 

Here’s how we helped Jesse Harmon and the rest of the team at Cedar Creek Capital.

  • We Provided a Lead-Generating Website: We built a customizable website for Cedar Creek Capital that allows them to select from various landing page templates. Each website is designed to better convert different types of leads. The Cedar Creek team can swap through these templates in seconds and can use A/B testing to ensure they're using the optimal one for their customers. The website is also designed to work perfectly on mobile devices to ensure they're able to capture customers who prefer to rent units on their phones.  
  • We Provided Marketing Services to Supercharge Lead Gen: We provided dedicated SEO and PPC specialists to ensure the success of their ad campaigns. Thanks to these marketing services and the Mariposa website, the company's online rentals have grown by 25%
  • We Provided a Simple-to-Use Platform for their Managers: Moving customers in and out, from the leasing process to the auction process, has become simpler than ever for the company's managers. Reporting capabilities are now more streamlined, providing better visibility of facility performance. 

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