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Hummingbird   February 2023

How we helped Claremont Co. gain 10% more online rentals after hours 

While Claremont Company’s team sleeps, our ecosystem is keeping their rentals flowing.

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Services Used

Tenant Marketing


Google and Bing

Result 1

Increase in Online Rentals and Move-Ins After Hours

Result 2

Estimated Payroll Reduction

The Results

Ryan Lorenzini, director of the Claremont Companies, was using Sitelink to run three properties that his company operated throughout Northern California. 

He was not happy with the capabilities and limitations that Sitelink placed on his business and he needed a better alternative for a new location he was building.  

He found Tenant Inc. and immediately saw the benefits he could get from working with our unified platform of software and services. 

This is a quick look at the benefits he got from working with us: 

  1. He got a property management system that actually works for his business and is tightly integrated with the rest of his products. 
  2. He got an e-commerce website that gives his customers a full online rental experience. In fact his website accounted for 10% of his rentals after hours during the lease-up period for his newest location. 
  3. He got branding services that not only make it easier for customers to find his new location, but also give him discounts to national vendors. 
  4. He will get payroll savings when he’s able to hire fewer managers at his properties due to the automation features that our software provides. 

“I think if we didn’t have Hummingbird, Mariposa, and this access control system, we would be missing out on 10% of the rentals that we’ve been seeing during this lease-up,” said Lorenzini. 

The Claremont Co. has enjoyed the Tenant Inc. suite of products so much that it's now in the process of migrating his three other locations over to us and away from Sitelink.

Project execution

Claremont Co. is a family business that was started in the mid 1980’s. The company got its start with home building, but in the 2000’s entered the commercial space. Soon after, its focus landed on self storage.

The company has four self storage facilities in its portfolio, and has a fifth location in construction. 

The first three locations they built were comparable to most facilities in the market, and were equipped with the software and features and amenities that you’d traditionally expect from a self storage property. 

They used what they learned from those three locations while building their fourth location in Hercules, California. The goal with their newest location was to create a customer experience that would differentiate itself from competitors in the market. 

That’s where we came in. We provided a property management system, an e-commerce, website, a rental kiosk, and made them all work seamlessly together. 

Ryan began looking for a new solution about three years ago when Sitelink began showing its limitations and he began seeing deficiencies in their websites and property management software. Sitelink was also forcing him to use third-party websites that were expensive, and didn’t have the tight integrations he truly wanted or needed. 

He talked to our team, received a demo, and everything clicked. He saw the benefits, the potential, and the tight integrations that our software could provide. The ability to rent online and have a truly full touchless experience for his customers was a big bonus as well.

How We Helped

This is what we provided for Ryan Lorenzini, director of Claremont Companies and how we helped his business:  

  • Our branding products: His newest location adopted the Storelocal brand and opened as Storelocal Hercules. This location leverages our Storelocal product to gain the benefits of a nationally recognized brand (easier to be found by customers). He also benefited from the collective discounts that independent operators normally aren’t able to receive (along with discounts on Tenant Inc. services). 
  • Our property management system: His company ditched Sitelink at Storelocal Hercules in favor of our Hummingbird property management system. He now has access to a cloud-based product that lets him run his business from anywhere on any device. He retains complete ownership of his data, and he enjoys new features and updates that are regularly released for Hummingbird. 
  • Our websites: His company also started using Mariposa, our e-commerce websites. His customers can now rent any of their spaces, completely online without ever stepping foot in an office (including the identity verification part of the process). In fact, during his lease-up period 10% of his rentals and move-ins came from his website after hours, and he believes he would have missed out on these rentals had it not been for Mariposa. 
  • Our tight integration: Claremont Co. now benefits from working with a company that has an ecosystem of products needed to run a self storage business that are tightly integrated and made to work seamlessly together. 
  • Payroll savings: Storelocal Hercules is the first location where the Claremont Co. is considering unmanned aspects. They’re using Tenant Interface (our kiosk product) for customers that go into their office while a manager is not available, online rentals that customers can access through their phones. But they’re still hiring managers to be onsite for customers that want a face-to-face interaction. In the past, they’d expect to hire 2-3 employees for a location of this size (100,000 square feet), but now they feel comfortable hiring just 1-2 employees. 

“We’ve been working with Sitelink for a long time, and they’re not intuitive. Hummingbird, on the other hand, is very intuitive.” 

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