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Case Study   January 2023

How We Increased Checkouts Using Facebook Ads for 401 Storage

We identified, and managed, a strategy that would work for 401 Storage via Facebook.

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Facebook Ads
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The Results

The team at 401 Storage saw growth in their social media performance, as well as an increase in page views to their website, an increase in initiated checkouts, an increase in completed registrations, and an increase in their click-thru ratio. 

  • Page Views/Click to Website: 2,500
  • Initiated Checkouts: 571
  • Click-Thru Ratio: 4.4%

Project Overview

401 Storage operates two locations in Rhode Island. Each location is well-maintained, secure, and accommodating to customer needs.

The newest location offers climate-controlled spaces and is equipped with Noke’s Smart Entry System. The company offers a variety of sizes of indoor spaces and outdoor parking spaces for RVs, campers, and trailers. 

We began working with 401 Storage in 2021. They already had a Facebook campaign in place, but 401 Storage wanted to implement paid ads to its social media strategy in order to increase the occupancy at one of their stores.  

How We Helped 

After identifying their primary goal, we began advertising on Facebook and tested two separate Facebook ad formats: carousel and video ads. Our testing found that the video format outperformed the carousel format. The click-through rate for the video format was 226% higher than it was for the carousel format; provided more than six times the number of impressions; and 13 times the number of link clicks. 

We ran into some challenges with the ad campaign in May 2021 when Facebook implemented changes to their attribution and tracking. These changes reduced the effectiveness of our ads across the board. Facebook continued to roll out changes and began a new event tracking system with smart attribution settings that we used to adjust the campaign we designed for 401 Storage. 

We started seeing positive movement after adjusting for these changes in June. Advertising in that month produced over 600% more link clicks; 27,713 more impressions month-over-month; and a click-thru ratio 100% higher than the month before. 

Results continued to improve in July, as we saw 1,440 link clicks and a click-thru ratio of 4.4%. These numbers represented an 11x increase in link clicks month-over-month and a 3x increase in click-thru ratio (CTR) month-over-month. 

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