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New Features Jun 26, 2024

New Features Roundup: June 2024

Get ready to elevate your operational efficiency with the latest features in our Industry Leading Property Management Software and Self Storage Websites.

Summer is here, and so are some great new innovative features to the Tenant Inc. platform. We’re excited to share many new additions, developed with the user in mind, to further enable you to automate operations and maximize revenue! What's new?


Powerful New Features to Streamline Your Self Storage Operations

We'll give you the summarized version here but you can check out the full details and training for the new features by logging into your Hummingbird account and visiting our Help Center.

Hummingbird Logo Blue Hummingbird: Property Management Software Updates


Access Detailed Tenant Information at a Glance 

Introducing the "Mini Profile" – an incredible tool that lets you instantly access a tenant's full details, including lifetime value, statuses and balance due across your entire portfolio! This comprehensive view empowers you to make more informed decisions with ease and precision. Learn More

Introducing Communication Templates for Email and SMS

Save time and streamline tenant communication with our new Template Manager. Create templated communications for sending alerts, maintenance notices, delinquency information, and more with ease via Email or SMS. Plus, personalizing these templates couldn't be easier with our new UI! Learn More

Email and SMS Communication Templates

Access Comprehensive Lock Information with DaVinci integration

The enhanced DaVinci integration provides real-time lock details like serial codes, unlock combinations, and lock status from tenants’ lease cards, eliminating the need to switch between applications. Customizable access controls ensure that only authorized personnel can view sensitive lock information. This streamlines operations while maintaining strict control over who can access lock information. Learn More

Easily Download and Print Failed Documents 

Now you can easily download and print documents that failed to be sent via a mail house integration and send them via alternate methods. The ability to download only the failed documents at once from a batch eliminates the need to download the entire batch or each failed document individually. Learn More

Improvements in Lead Capture Information

With our improved lead management process, lead information from the "Coming Soon" and "Join Waitlist" pages is automatically captured in the Hummingbird Leads section. This consolidation ensures comprehensive insights to simplify follow-up and conversion. Lead types are now accurately displayed based on their source for better categorization, enhancing your ability to manage and analyze your leads effectively.

Lead Capture Update

Additionally, the new detailed "Retired Leads" report displaying the retired leads, notes, and reasons for retiring. This feature provides valuable insights for trend analysis and informed decision-making.

But wait, there's more! You can also send PAYMENT LINKS to your tenants directly from the Hummingbird Property Management Software that can be used to effortlessly make payments for multiple units (no login needed). Learn More

One Time Payment Link Feature

Improved Delinquency Communication with Space-Specific Additional Contacts

Improve space specific communication and legal compliance by assigning specific contacts—Alternate, Emergency, Lien Holder, and Authorized Access to individual units. Whether it's all Alternate Contacts receiving legal notices or Lien Holders being notified about vehicles, this feature streamlines operations, reduces administrative burdens, and elevates your property management experience to a new level of efficiency and clarity. Learn More

Introducing Rent as a Business

Easily distinguish between business and individual tenants from Hummingbird tenant profiles and reports. Renting self storage units as a business enables the capture of essential business and contact information during the move-in process, streamlining business account management. It also introduces business representatives and captures taxpayer IDs, with re-labelled contact fields for better data organization. Learn More

Decrease Rents Effortlessly at Anytime 

You now have the flexibility to decrease storage unit rents at any time without being dependent on notification dates. This can help you promptly address errors or honor previous rental rates, enhancing tenant satisfaction. Learn More

Effortlessly Make Rent Change Anytime

Enhanced Reporting Elements

The enhanced Management Summary Report provides more information, with newly added sections that give essential insights into a property's financial health and performance, customer behavior, and pricing strategies. This information can guide decision-making, improve revenue performance, and enhance customer satisfaction. Learn More

- Revenue Statistics
- Deposits by Product Type
- Rent Analysis

With the new Net Revenue Column added the Portfolio KPI report in Hummingbird, you can view the net total revenue of your payments and refunds, analyze the actual financial performance of your business, and make informed decisions.

Reversal details, i.e. ACH reversal or Credit reversal, can now be viewed from the Refund Type column of the Refunds report in Hummingbird.

In addition, you have the ability to download the Occupancy Statistics Report (OSR) in a .xlsx format along with .pdf.

Quickly and Efficiently Onboard leads with the new Lead-to-Lease Process

The tenant onboarding process is shortened and offers powerful features for property managers and call center representatives, like converting reservations to rentals via a 6-digit code, capturing valuable marketing insights, applying filters to quickly identify desired storage unit spaces, viewing property maps, and sending reservations and online payment links to leads are now possible—all from a single place! These improvements make moving tenants and converting leads smoother and more effective than ever. Learn More

New Lead to Lease Feature

Reduce the Risk of Miscommunication with Accurately Linked Contacts

All inbound and outbound communications are precisely linked to the intended contact in Hummingbird’s Communication Center, imparting clarity and accuracy in communications with your tenants. Learn More

Tenants Can Now Reach You More Quickly and Conveniently

Tenants have a uniform experience with the same Twilio phone number available across the website and email communications, enabling them to contact the property without any confusion. Learn More


Mariposa Logo BlueMariposa: Self Storage Websites Updates

Manage Page Visibility and Boost Website SEO Performance

You now have the flexibility to temporarily hide a company page or make it accessible only to a specific audience via a direct link. Significant enhancements, such as updated terminologies and additional sections for local SEO content are also added to the CMS settings to maximize your storage website's performance in local search results. Learn More

Seamless Logins with Google and Facebook 

Tenants can now login to the self storage website (Mariposa) using their Google or Facebook accounts when initiating a rental. So, there's no need to create and remember separate login details for the website! Learn More

FB and Google login feature

Maximize Revenue with Coverage for Parking Spaces

Like standard storage spaces, Hummingbird now allows you to assign coverage to parking spaces, too! Give your tenants peace of mind and maximize your revenue share by providing coverage on every Space you offer. Learn More


Tenant Inc.'s purpose-built suite of comprehensive technology solutions is designed with our customers' success at heart. We are committed to developing new innovative features and enhancements that make running your self storage business easier and more efficient so you can SAVE TIME, and INCREASE PROFITS!


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