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Hummingbird Mar 22, 2023

March 2023 Hummingbird Release Notes

The release notes for March 2023 for the Hummingbird property management software.

It’s that time again, time for a new Hummingbird release.

It’s been a little longer than we normally go in between releases, but this release is absolutely packed with new features, integrations, and improvements to existing functionalities. 

Here’s a quick look at everything you're getting with this release. 

New Features

  • Rate Management
  • Bill Day Changes
  • Auctions Accounting
  • Notice Manager
  • Digital Authorization Documents for ACH Payments
  • Improved Searches for Settings
  • Stored Contents
  • Reports: 
    • MSR (Spreadsheet)
    • Portfolio KPI 

New Integrations

  • Simple Certified
  • RPost’s RMail
  • SpiderDoor
  • DaVinci Lock
  • swivl
  • Veritec 
  • Prorize
  • CallPotential
  • Remote Concierge Manager

New Hummingbird Features

Rate Management


You now have a robust rate management tool built within Hummingbird. Set automations based on occupancy to ensure that when your facility reaches certain occupancy levels, you automatically raise your rent to maximize your profits. And you’ll be able to be as broad or specific with your rate management, whether you want to set automations for specific space groups, or for your entire portfolio. 

Accounting for Auctions

For the processing of a payment received when a space goes to auction, we’ve implemented significant changes in Hummingbird to handle auction proceeds and cleaning deposits. Our updated solution now allows auction payments to be processed in compliance with legal requirements and follow the accounting standards of the self storage industry. 

Notice Manager

You’re getting more visibility into your delinquency and rent increase batched documents. Our new Notice Manager improves the efficiency of generating these large batches of documents to reduce delays in getting your notices out to your tenants, and brings in more information for the status of your documents. 

  • More Visibility to Batched Documents
    • With the new Notice Manager, you’ll be able to see the status of letters (such as delinquency and rent increase letters) you’ve printed, sent by email, or sent through a mail house. 
  • New Search Feature
    • Use the Document Batch function within our new Notice Manager to easily find the document you’re looking for. It’s also easier now to locate a specific space number when you’re working within a batch. 
  • Filter Documents 
    • You can now filter documents within the Notice Manager to easily find what you’re looking for. Filter by document status, document type, delivery method, or date range to find exactly the document batch you’re looking for.

Digital Authorization Documents for ACH Payments

If your tenants pay rent using ACH with Tenant Payments, you can now digitally collect authorization to debit their bank account. Documents are sent and signed in the same manner as lease documents. 

Improved Searches for Settings

You’ll now see better search results within Hummingbird. We’ve added improved tag support to the settings and sections within Hummingbird so your searches are more intuitive than they’ve been in the past. 

You can see a simple example of this by searching “gate” within Hummingbird to be directed toward settings for access control. This wouldn’t work in the past, as you’d need to specifically type in “access control” to reach those settings. But now, Hummingbird is better at understanding what you mean to search for. 

Stored Contents

The stored contents feature will show you a general overview of the inventory in a unit. The stored contents will be tokenized and listed on the tenant's rental agreement. This is especially useful for taking inventory of spaces for auction listings. 


  • MSR (Spreadsheet Edition)
    • The same great MSR you’ve been used to, but now exportable as a spreadsheet. 
  • Portfolio KPI
    • Use this report to see KPI metrics across all your stores in one report.


Mail House

We’re very pleased to announce two new technology integrations for mail house options. 

  • Simple Certified 
  • RPost’s RMail

With these integrations, you can automate sending your delinquency letters and rate management notices to skip a trip to the post office. You can also track delivery, see if any errors were received, view and print delivery and acceptance documents, electronic return receipts, and more, all within Hummingbird. 

  • Simple Certified
    • Simple Certified Mail is a secure, web-based service that makes it easy to mail important letters from within Hummingbird. Simple Certified eliminates all manual forms, to greatly speed up the preparation of Certified Mail. 
    • It incorporates PC-based postage to eliminate the extra step of metering the mail; provides online tracking as Certified Mail makes its way through the mail stream; and provides a delivery confirmation with a signature within hours of delivery. The company utilizes USPS Certified Mail® and First Class Mail to serve your mailing needs for important documents such as delinquency and rent change notices.
  • RPost’s RMail 
    • RMail email encryption makes it easy to encrypt and send sensitive email and attachments for security or state regulatory compliance, especially delinquency and rent change notices, via Hummingbird. 
    • RMail automatically delivers registered email messages and provides manual or automated options for delivery using different levels of encryption or different recipient experiences. RMail returns a Registered Receipt email record to the sender, serving as auditable proof of data privacy compliance (i.e. HIPAA, GDPR) on a message-by-message basis.
    • We are currently working with our Hummingbird customers to beta test both of these new mail house integrations. If you are interested in helping to beta test these new features, please send an email to David Hoang at to be placed on our waitlist.

Access Control

  • DaVinci Lock
    • The DaVinci Lock system uses standard combination locks that have encrypted serial codes engraved on them; these serial codes can be decrypted via software to retrieve the associated lock combinations. Lock removal is automated and contactless via integration between Nectar and DaVinci software. Tenants will receive their lock combination automatically upon move-in via Hummingbird or Mariposa.
  • SpiderDoor
    • SpiderDoor features cloud-based cellular access control with its keypads, alarms, and access openers for gate motors. Cellular data is what sets this integration apart, but operators can also choose to purchase internet hardwired keypads as well. All access systems come with an Owner/Manager’s app for gate monitoring and control. 

Customer Relations

  • swivl
    • As the first AI assistant built specifically for the self storage industry, swivl’s AI chat provides customers an always on, and available, manager through web chat, SMS, and other key communication channels. The smart AI assistant now powered by Nectar can answer common questions, qualify new leads, book reservations, and manage tenant accounts. Over time, the smart AI chat learns from its interactions and gets better over time. Swivl AI chat is available to all Mariposa customers, but Storelocal members receive discounted pricing. 

Revenue Management

For storage operators looking to automate and competitively price their spaces to get maximum financial benefit, Hummingbird now proudly offers two new revenue management integrations to handle your street rate pricing, promotion management, and rent optimization.

  • Veritec
    • Hummingbird’s integration with the Veritec Revenue Management System (VRMS) adds powerful pricing analytics tools that can empower storage operator portfolios of all sizes to optimize their revenue. Whether setting prices for vacant units or increasing rents on occupied units, operators can publish dynamic pricing suggestions to Hummingbird seamlessly with a push of a button. Rent changes pushed to Hummingbird will trigger all the relevant notifications and legally compliant rent change notices that need to be sent to rental customers.
  • Prorize
    • Prorize analyzes your site information, demographics, types of spaces on site, including features and amenities, historical rental activity to provide expert pricing for each month to increase your revenue flow. Tenant customer and rental data are automatically pushed into Prorize’s Self Storage Revenue Optimizer TM (SSRO TM ), where the system forecasts recommended street rates and existing customer rate increases (ECRI). Then, operators review the recommendations and can push the accepted rates into Hummingbird at any frequency. By doing so, operators can be confident that their leasing is priced right with the most up-to-date data and market trends.


  • CallPotential 
    • With the new integration Tenant built between Hummingbird and CallPotential’s proprietary technology, operators can establish a robust, in-house call center for their self storage properties with data that flows seamlessly between the two systems. With the integration, your property managers, site staff, and designated call agents can guide a lead through nearly the entire process of renting a storage space using Hummingbird, from reservation to payment. The API integration gives your staff visibility into your inventory; prices; available discounts; and protection and insurance plans through the CallPotential interface. 
  • Remote Concierge Manager (RCM) 
    • RCM is a VoIP solution that allows you to take phone or video calls over the web. With an integration to Hummingbird, you’ll know which of your tenants are calling if their contact information is on file. The RCM Kiosk allows for two-way video calls, giving customers the in-person experience, even if the manager is working remotely.
    • For more information on RCM and the RCM Kiosk, contact

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