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Case Study   November 2023

How A-1 Self Storage Reached Record-High Impressions and Conversions 

The 50-facility company wanted to grow website traffic, gain better visibility over its digital marketing efforts, and convert more customers. Here's how we helped reach their goals. 

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Online Rentals
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Increase in Conversions

The Results

After just a few months of utilizing Tenant Inc.'s Storage Rental Websites and Digital Marketing Services, A-1 Storage saw record-high impressions and conversions for their digital ad spend, as well as organic traffic growth. 

In October, A-1 saw more than 100,000 impressions on their digital ads and an increase of 1,108% more conversions compared to the year before. This was a milestone month for A-1, and since this testimonial was filmed, impressions and conversions have continued to skyrocket. 

Alongside our digital marketing services, A-1 Self Storage also uses our Mariposa service to host their website. 

“We’ve noticed reduced friction on our website during the rental process and a much faster conversion time converting leads to rentals on our website,” said Margo Tannewitz, Digital Marketing Manager for A1-Self Storage.

About A-1 Self Storage

A-1 Self Storage has 50 locations it operates throughout California, from the northern end of California in San Jose to the southern end of San Diego. 

The company came to us in April 2023 because it wanted a more intuitive online rental experience for its website. They also had a strong need to improve both organic and paid traffic to achieve online rentals. 

By implementing several local SEO strategies and customized PPC campaigns, we were able to meet A-1’s goals. 

“We began working with Tenant because we really wanted a close eye over our many listings. We have so many to keep track of, it’s important for us to know they’re in good hands and being managed and watched closely,” said Tannewitz. 

The services A-1 currently uses with us include:  

  • Mariposa - Storage Rental Websites
  • Tenant Digital Marketing 
    • PPC Essentials Plan
    • SEO Essentials Plan

How We Helped 

Here’s how we helped Margo Tannewitz and the rest of the team at A-1 Self Storage.

  • We Provided a Streamlined Website: The Mariposa websites that we provided A-1 Self Storage are designed to get their 50 locations found by more potential customers. Customers can now rent units completely online, without ever stepping foot in a physical office (including verifying their identity). Mariposa websites also offer three unique visual templates that A-1 can select from, depending on which template converts customers better.  
  • We Provided Uniquely Tailored PPC Campaigns: We provided A-1 with a dedicated PPC specialist to ensure the success of their ads. The company wanted to ensure that their ad budget was optimized and that they were getting the best return on their investment. So, when we took over their PPC program, we rebuilt and optimized every campaign with storage industry-specific growth strategies. We call that the Tenant Inc. "secret sauce," and the result has been record-high impressions and conversions for the company. 
  • We Provided a Local-Focused SEO Program: We began with a comprehensive website audit to find areas we could optimize. We then identified vital demographics that the company was not previously targeting to bring in more potential customers. We combined this with thorough keyword research specific to the local markets A-1 operates in, updates to its Google Business Profile, location optimization, and more Tenant Inc. "secret sauce" to drive more conversions and website traffic.

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