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Our products are designed by owners, for owners. Tenant is funded and managed by self-storage owners with vast industry experience spanning decades. We understood what the industry lacked and knew what to provide. Tenant’s technology puts owners back in the driver seat.

Touchless Rentals

Touchless Rentals™

Allow your customers to conveniently and seamlessly rent, pay, and manage their accounts on your website. Allow yourself to save money and resources.

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Storage Operator Owned

We are adaptive, innovative owners playing the long game. We know what you need because we’re owners too.

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Own Your Data

Benefit from your data. Get the right data, in the right place, at the right time. Cherish your data. Share only the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

The Platform

Our platform is affordable yet innovative. Intuitive yet dynamic. Streamlined yet robust. The Tenant platform integrates, automates, and standardizes your business, providing a consistent experience for your customers from first-click to move-out.

Our platform is thoughtfully designed and built from the ground up – designed for integration and flexibility.


Property Software

Owners needed a technology infrastructure in order to harness innovation and customize solutions. Our property management software (PMS) satisfies this industry need through an open, unrestricted API, enabling you to use additional technologies of your choice. Tenant’s PMS is designed for smart and precise data sharing.

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Data Feeder

Data Feeder

Tenant’s global distribution system (GDS) underlies our PMS. It displays your real-time inventory across any channel – such as Google, Yelp, or apps – so you can capture more customers and rent specific available units. Our GDS integrates tech solutions of your choice while limiting the data you share with vendors. Benefit from your data while guarding it closely.

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Storage Websites

Tenant’s web product is more than a white label website – it’s the industry’s first fully transactional web product built to handle every aspect of your customer’s experience and to offer truly Touchless Rentals™. Your customers can rent a space from your available inventory, buy insurance, pay their bill, and manage all aspects of their account – all on your branded website.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Our upscale signage does more than just look good. Update your office with an uncluttered and professional look that conveys clear messaging consistent with your website branding. You can easily update your customized messaging on these eye-catching displays to encourage online reviews, upsells, or provide local or seasonal information.



Tenant treats SEO and PPC as separate puzzle pieces that together improve your search position. Our strategies take the complex world of SERP and make it easy for you to rise in the rankings. The focus is on driving rentals – not just clicks. Whether your budget is massive or minuscule, it matters where and how you spend each dollar.

Tenant Interface
Tenant Interface

Tenant Interface

The Tenant Interface is a workflow your managers use to guide customers through the rental process. It’s consistent - you control what information, offers, and upsells all your customers receive. It’s a collaborative, intuitive process that’s paperless and mirrors your website branding. In short, it helps your managers help your customers, in a sophisticated yet friendly experience.



StorageFront.com is the first, and the leading, fully transactional storage industry directory. Why pay for lead generation incapable of converting a customer? Put your customer and your profits first, with a directory that completes rentals online. Tenant doesn’t just direct customers, Tenant converts customers.

Client Testimonials

There is no doubt that Tenant delivers in the areas of both technology and online services. Their web platform delivers a best in class product that allows seamless online use for current customers.  The combination of great technology and great people made the choice easy for our company in deciding on Tenant as our partner.  

- W. Craig Allen

American Classic Storage

"Initially we implemented automation and technology for the convenience of our customers and Tenant was the obvious choice as they had the leading-edge technology to support our initiative. At first, we didn't have a large number of online move-ins; however, it continued to grow as our customers used it with COVID -19 and its use has expanded significantly. We are the only facility in our market that customers can fully execute a move-in automatically!

- Todd Plastino

Fortress-Secure Mini Storage

"Our partnership with Tenant's marketing team has led to a surge in our advertising ROI and has differentiated our brand in a way that restores pricing power in an oversaturated storage market. More importantly, the Tenant team delivers consistently best-in-class customer service and demonstrates a remarkable work ethic."

- Jack Aspinwall

Jack Rabbit Storage
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